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About Us


Meet our CEO and founder:
CEO and Founder, Brianna Gibson from Baltimore, MD started this company at a time when she was a new mother, wife, active duty military, and a full time nursing student. She knew she didn't want to do 20 years in the military and that she didn't want to be someone's employee forever. So Brianna thought about starting her own business, but not sure what kind of business to start. She knew it would be in the hair and beauty Industry because that was what she was most interested in. Her first ideas were to start an online hair store, then to sell hair. Her aunt gave her the idea to sell hair products, but at the time she thought "I know nothing about making and selling hair products." However, the idea stayed in the back of her mind. But then Brianna was triggered and knew that she needed to start own hair care brand when social media started exposing hair care brands that targeted black women and the black community but weren't black owned or had any black people on their boards. These communities were benefiting from black women but not really giving back to the black community or truly caring about black women. This was the catalyst for Bri Organix, Brianna wanted to create a brand that not only provide great products but a brand that caters and empowers black women while giving back to the black community. 

Our Mission:
It is our mission to not only provide quality hair products, but to provide quality ingredients, nurture your natural curls and nurture our community.